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Usui Reiki Ryoho (“Usui Spirit Energy Healing Method”) is a form of hands-on healing originating from the research, experiences, and teachings of Mikao Usui of Japan early in the 20th century.  This hands-on, energy-based system enjoys wide acclaim for its ability to calm the anxious or nervous mind and body, to bring clarity of thought and a sense of peace to the overwhelmed, stressed-out person, to heal relationships (within oneself and with others) and to bring to ones’ life-experience a sense of purpose.

Mosaic Reiki Ryoho is a practice grounded in the teachings of Mikao Usui and based on my 20+ years of experience (in Reiki Ryoho and massage therapy) for those wanting to heal themselves, family or friends, as well as for those open to the life-changing, heart opening benefits that the teaching of this beautiful, peaceful and inclusive healing art form can offer.

The word Reiki may be translated into English as meaning “sacred or spirit energy”.

   Rei -sacred or of spirit (or spiritual)
     Ki -energy. (aka. Chi, Qi, Prana, …)

Mosaic Reiki Ryoh is gentle, non-invasive, extremely relaxing, and is an excellent method for stress reduction. It treats not only the physical symptoms, but also addresses the cause(s) of the of the dis-ease situation(s), and brings into harmony the energetic bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) of the individual.

If enjoying a session on its own, (as opposed to integrated into a massage treatment) you remain fully clothed, in which case we suggest wearing loose, comfortable clothing.

Fees: $80.00 per 60 minutes session, or $100.00 per 90-minute session, plus HST

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Reiki connects without binding
Reiki stimulates without over-exciting
Reiki separates without creating isolation
Reiki calms without causing rigidity
Reiki directs our attention to life and the love in the heart
Reiki creates clarity without a lack of involvement
Reiki wakes us up and supports the development of all types of latent potentials
~ from The Spirit of Reiki

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Please note that Edward regularly offers training courses. Details under Workshops and Seminars.

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